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I Don’t Get Flowers Anymore…

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. My social media feed is beginning to fill up with early Valentines presents, date night plans, blah blah blah. Naturally when I think about Valentines Day I think of bouquets of flowers. When I think of bouquets of flowers I’m reminded that I haven’t received a bouquet of flowers from my husband since I’ve been married. I haven’t received chocolates, fancy perfume, or a bottle of champagne. I don’t get flowers anymore.

Before you get your panties bunched this is not a pity party, husband bashing blog post. I am being honest when I say I don’t get flowers anymore. When I began to feel sorry for myself I instead began to think of what could take the place of flowers. Here’s what I DO get:

A husband that works 60+ hours a week to see that his family is provided for. Bedtime prayers with my spouse and my daughter. Iced coffee at work when I hint that I could use a pick me up. Lunch dates. An offer to watch the baby so I can have me time. Someone willing to feed my horses for me when I need a hand. Snuggles. A man that knows my heart but accepts me when I fall short. A spouse that prays for me. A man that calls me out when I’m wrong but loves me nonetheless.

See, for me it’s not about the flowers and the chocolates. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great; however my spouse knows how much I value the before mentioned things. He knows my “love language”. He knows me. Ladies, find someone who never stops pursuing you.

I don’t get flowers anymore, and I’m ok with that.

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